Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rosacea Too

I'm sure you're sick of hearing me whine about my stolen computer by now. But, that computer has all my life on it. All the research for stretching my body. My quit smoking meter. My research about eating low carb. Tons of recipes. The day I finally made it to a year without having a period. My first hot flash. My weight gains and losses. My favorite flowers, trees and shrubs. Everything I am, feel, and think is on that computer. Also, all my information about rosacea.

I feel that I was right to be concerned about having rosasea in my eyes. Something strange was going on. Back in high school, I'd leave a classroom, step out into the hallway, air would hit my eyeballs, and they would begin to burn. Tears would begin to run down my cheeks. So embarrassing. My friends would tell me later that I was stuck-up, because I didn't wave back at them. I was having a "rosacea" attack and didn't even see them!

Oh my gosh, I just went back and read about the "Wink" on the My Stretched Skin page. That article was published in March of 2011, so I've been doing the Wink stretch, and the What! (Uppity Eyes) for over 4 years! At that time, I was holding Wink for five minutes, but, I am now holding the Wink stretch on my left eye for 4 or 5 hours! As long as I can, really, but just on Monday and Tuesday mornings. For my right eye, I try to do 1/2 hour. I don't need this eye getting even bigger than it already is. I try doing the What! stretch for as long as possible, but easily forget to hold this one.

I love doing these stretches. They've brought back more of my blue eye color, which was fading. Cleared up the yellow murkiness in the white part (the sclera) of my eye. They're also clearing up a condition where I have dark skin on my eyelids, instead of dark "circles" under my eyes. They've lifted my eyebrows, tightened the skin of my eyelids and under the brow area (ptosis), possibly strengthening all the muscles surrounding my eyes, etc... However, despite years of stretching and improving my left eye, it's still noticeably lower on my face than the right eye, and the colored part (the iris), is much smaller than the iris of my right eye.

So, I've spent the last couple of mornings Googling asymmetrical eyes. You talk about opening a can of worms!
Naturally, the only relief they're offering is botox and surgery. Apparently, you can go watch them perform this stuff on You Tube.

I was surprised at how common it is to have asymmetrical features. Even your ears! Then, I was saddened by, and fell in love with the girl that writes this site...
I have the same problem , I`m was almost close to suiside since i`m a very pretty girl and I just can take anymore when people scanning my face and later would start itching their eye and later avoiding to look in my face . Thank you, God bless you. I actually think it`s true that one of the possible cause of the problem is the fact that we are chewing on one side of the face( right in my case), so basically we keep right side in shape and the left side just lazy ( and now we are having lazy left side and lazy eye) . Thank you, you made day
Hi Agirl
I’m so, so sorry to hear about your terrible ordeal and your contemplating suicide :( none of us should be made to feel that way because of the way we look.
What I have learned is the best method for me is that I smile more widely on the lazy side of my face. That way it brings it more into line with my active/dominant side of my face.
Experiment by looking in the mirror and trying lots of different facial movements no matter how weird they seem.
And here’s a secret I’ve found out…we all look more asymmetrical when we look in the mirror than we do in real life, so half the time people don’t notice ANY of the imperfections we see as so BIG!
Learn to love yourself, your soul, your personality…do things that make you happy and that you love. Sometimes no matter how hard we try we cannot change our appearance but we can always light up a room with our grace, kindness and charm. Be interesting, paint and create things, do things that made you happy as a child because they usually still make you happy, enjoy nature, colours, fragrances, sounds, Beauty…
Let me know how things turn out, I am here for you xx

I don't know if I'd agree with the chewing theory. Or the smiling. Yes, your eyes and your mouth are hooked to your smile, but what sinister muscles are lurking beneath them all? I've talked to you before about ropey neck. I believe that's what is pulling my eye down, all those contracted muscles in my neck. I believe that this was contributing to my messed-up complexion, as well.

Hateful Stretches
So, I recently began doing what I call Hateful Stretches. The first one I've affectionately dubbed "Break Your Neck". This stretches out the muscles on the part of your neck that has been affectionately dubbed "the turkey wattle".

I've been searching all morning for a site that has a pic of this stretch.
Third pic on this page...
Second set of pics on this page...
These are kinda like it, except I use my long winter muffler (scarf) that I place across my forehead, with the ends dangling down each side of my back. You then grab onto these ends to pull and hold your head backwards (looking up at the ceiling). This hurts and tires your hands and arms like the dickens for awhile, but it's worth it when you very quickly start to see the results. Yes, finally.

When I first started doing this stretch, I was counting. But, as the count got larger, I decided I needed my clock with the sweep hand. I affixed one of those picture hangers with velcro on it to my clock. This way, I can lock it onto the piece of velcro stuck to the wall directly above the level of my head. I press the front of my body up against the wall while doing the stretch. This is so that the muscles you want to stretch won't be working to keep your balance (hopefully). You have to push the two pieces of velcro together very firmly so the clock won't let go and fall. This works like a charm! Then, you just peel the clock off the wall when you're done.

I'm up to five minutes doing this stretch. I don't think I'm going to progress much further, if at all. Hurts terribly at first in a spot in the middle of the back, especially when you release the stretch. Watch for that, and be careful. That pain goes away, and after awhile your hands and arms don't hurt too badly either.

I also turn up the TV real loud. Cause, believe me, 5 minutes is gonna be like an eternity with all this going on!  Plus, I do this stretch unclothed, with a small but powerful fan pointed at me from the back of the toilet. Those hot flashes will sneak up on you, ya know?!

So, it appears to me that my left eye is starting to move back up into it's proper position. When I look at myself in the mirror now, I don't look as freaky, and I don't scare myself. Really, it's true. Try this stretch yourself now. And let me know what you think.


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